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Posted in Uncategorized by roving on July 12, 2009

Why oh why does a person on a motorcycle at a red light think they need to continually rev their engine? Is it some kind of cool factor they think they are exhibiting? Do they not realize some would like to get out of their car, walk up to them and slap them off their bike?  Trust me, the only one your impressing is yourself. The rest of us hate your guts.

Speaking of motorcycles, why is it if a car went by a cop that had a muffler as loud as a motorcycle, they get a ticket for excessive noise yet the motorcycle wouldn’t?

When a person is riding a chopper, does his arms fall asleep? Why would someone want handlebars above their head?

Why is it some in a car step on the gas all the way down hill  only to have to slow down at the bottom because now they are going to fast?

Which brings me to why do some stay on the gas until 15 feet from the stop sign then put on their brakes? You just wasted gas AND brake wear for nothing as I coasted up next to you.

When a person has their stereo up so loud, it shakes the walls a half block away but all we hear is thump thump thump, does the person think we can hear their music or the song that is being played? Do they think because they like their music, we all would even though all we here is thump thump thump? Are they wearing earplugs or is it just heavy wax buildup in their ears?

Why would someone have their drivers seat pulled so far back they can barely see over the steering wheel? Do they not realize they look stupid? Why doesn’t the police pull them over for that? Its obviously a driving hazard.

Why would a teen wear his pants low and claim its expressing their individuality when 70% of other teens do the same thing? Would they continue to wear their pants like that if they knew where it started and the reason? (in prison. showed other men he was “available” and made easy access) Trust me, when you look back after growing up your going to cringe at pictures of yourself wearing your pants halfway down your butt.

When going into a department store with no cash and only checks, why not have the check filled out except for the amount before everything is rang up?  Oh, and why not have your drivers licence ready instead of waiting for the cashier to ask you for it and now you have to dig around looking for it?  Do you not realize the people behind you have a life? We wasn’t put on earth waiting for you.

Why rake leaves? Leaves act as a blanket for the ground during the winter and by spring they are pretty much gone anyway. Which means, you just did all that raking for nothing.

Why are there mosquito’s? Do they serve a purpose besides being food for bats?

Why do most penises hang to the right? Does a left handed persons hang to the left? Could a left hanging one be trained to hang to the right?

Why call the new toilets water savers when you have to flush it twice?

Why not have deer warning horns as  standard requirement  on all cars? For the ones that do have one, shouldn’t the insurance be a little cheaper? We have a LOT of deer around here. We have a LOT of cars hitting deers.

Why does Woolite and most other carpet cleaners sell products that don’t work and why does the government let them rip off people with false advertisements saying that they do work?

If toothpaste prevents cavities, why do we get cavities? Why do we still need to go in for cleanings? Doesn’t this mean the toothpaste actually DOESN’T work? Shouldn’t the toothpaste say it probably wont prevent cavities?

Why is it if there are three urinals in the mens room, a guy will use the middle one forcing whoever comes in to stand next to him? Or, if a man is using the end urinal a guy will come in and use the middle one when the there is a perfectly fine one on the end?

Why would a person not take off their oily gloves when using a forklift that has to be shared with others?

Why did I have to bring in my birth certificate to work a few years ago to prove I was born in the U.S. but one other person in  a higher paygrade  didn’t have to?

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  1. Gayle said, on July 13, 2009 at 5:08 am

    Aha i see humor emerging This is a good thing
    thayt is funny

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