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Cap And Trade: Obama’s Plan To Bring America Down

Posted in politics by roving on June 28, 2009

Thanks to most of the  Democrats,  eight traitorous Republicans, and of course the Kenyan, cap and trade passed the house. While they all whoop it up and pat themselves on the back for screwing their constituents by passing the biggest tax increase in history, throwing 2.5 million people per year out of work, we  could be looking at $6 and up a gallon of gas while at the same time putting forcing us to be 100% dependent on foreign oil.

America’s big oil, in order to save money will most likely choose to shut down refineries because it would be cheaper for them to just import refined oil forcing the cost of fuel to sky rocket. Putting the United States in danger by being dependent on other countries for our oil. $6 is low end guess. It could go $8 or more.

Obama KNOWS cap and trade is a job killer because in the bill there is also money to pay for up to 2yrs unemployment compensation.

You want to sell your house? Inspectors will have to come in and evaluate it. If your house isn’t up to par, for example, you still have your old windows, you will not be allowed to sell until you replace them with energy efficient windows.

So why are the democrats so happy this bill passed the house? I have no idea. Just like the so called stimulus bill, no one bothered to read the whole thing.  How can they clap and be happy knowing 2.5 million people a year will be without jobs? How can they be happy we will see our electric rates jump 50%?

We have North Korea threatening to shoot a ballistic missile towards Hawaii while at the same time Obama and the Democrats want to cut missile defense  and make our military weaker. What more evidence do the sheeple need that shows Obama detests America? I don’t understand. WHY ARE THEY HAPPY??

I have read this America killing bill wont pass the Senate. Well some said it wouldn’t pass the house and it did.

The Democrats and the Kenyan are a sick sick bunch.

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  1. gAYLE said, on June 29, 2009 at 2:32 pm


  2. Jim Altfeld said, on July 2, 2009 at 6:35 pm

    I keep asking (screaming), When’s it gonna stop!!! I’ve stopped screaming. I realized it ain’t gonna stop! It’s a runaway train. Thank you for writing this. If you want me, I’ll be in bed with the covers over my head, trembling. Happy 4th. After this, we won’t be able to call it Independence Day any longer.

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