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Obama Favors Infanticide And Now Brings You Senioricide

Posted in politics by roving on June 26, 2009

Obama has no problem letting a baby that survives a live birth abortion, be put in a dark room alone and just let the baby die. Doctors have more important things to do so Obama feels they shouldn’t be bothered to save it.

Now Obama wants to go after the senior citizens. He wants to restrict services to our older population. If your 65 and older, your life will be in danger. Obama thinks of you the same as he thinks of babies that fought and survived an abortion. Your life isn’t worth crap.

If you need a hip replacement, a younger person would be better off with it because your old and are going to die soon enough. Quicker if Obama has any say. If your old, there will be no life saving measures to help you hang on for your children and grandchildren. What he will do however is allow the doctors to pump you full of pain killers so when you do die, it will be pain free death.

The older folks aren’t the only ones in danger of being murdered. Obama wants to also go after anyone, regardless of age who are chronically ill.

Obama is warped. He wants to control if you live or die. He will decide if he feels your worth saving. Its the ultimate power trip. Those of us who saw through him since he came into the public eye knew all along what kind of man he is. Soon, you people who voted for this wanna be God will find out to.

Oh, by the way, Obama and the Democrats who want this health plan are going to exempt themselves because after all, they are more important then you.

*why is it spell check doesn’t recognize Obama? Could it be because it knows he is a fraud?*

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