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Obama Has Zero Compassion

Posted in politics by roving on June 25, 2009

I heard the audio of the young Iranian woman begging for help. Help them be free. Of all the Presidents we have ever had, never have we had one as cold blooded as Obama. Obama pretends to be outraged with the murder of Neda.  As Neda lays dying,  Obama sucks down on ice cream. Iranians are being beaten. Obama goes golfing. Iranian people beg for freedom, Obama invites the Iranian regime for 4th of July parties. ( He has since backed off. Not because he wanted to)

He remained silent for days until he was beginning to look stupid and had to say something. Then when he did say something, I got the impression he was trying not to piss off the Iranian regime.

I honestly don’t think Obama is able to feel compassion or love. His whole life is an act. Look at how he treats his own family. He can’t even take a few bucks and send it to his own brother.  Everything Obama has done was only done if it could benefit him somehow. He will throw anyone in his way to the wayside. Look at how he won his Senate seat. Had to play dirty because it was the ONLY way he could win.

Obama says he doesn’t want to become involved with Iran’s sovereignty and wanted to see how it played out (so he could somehow take credit) yet when it comes to Israel, well that’s different. After all they are Jews and Obama doesn’t particularly care for Jews.

Iran is ripe for change. The door is open. But the MSM is more interested in Obama’s dog. The MSM ratings are falling faster and faster and they still only do puff pieces on Obama. Go figure.

Every time something happens, Obama goes golfing, goes on date nights, goes on vacation, or throws parties. Why? Because Obama doesn’t care. He has no ablity to feel compassion. Obama would be a physiatrist dream come true.

If only Sarah Palin was our president…

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