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Obama Is Turning The United States Into A Has Been

Posted in politics by roving on June 20, 2009

For days Obama has done nothing while the Iranians fight for fair elections saying he doesn’t want to meddle in the Iranian election even though its clear there was rampant voter fraud.

Iranian protesters were being beaten and killed.

Obama  remained silent.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy questioned the legitimacy of Iran’s election on Tuesday, saying the “extent of the fraud” was “proportional to the violent reaction” there.

Obama remain silent.

Germany is summoning the Iranian ambassador Monday to explain the disputed presidential election in the Middle Eastern nation, particularly the “brutal handling” of protesters, the German foreign minister said.

Obama remained silent.

EU foreign ministers today expressed “serious concern” about the violence on the streets of Iran and the Iranian authorities “use of force against peaceful demonstrators” following presidential elections marred by reports of irregularities and possibly fraud.

Obama remained silent.

Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden want a stronger Iran response other then not wanting to “meddle” from Obama in support of the protesters.

Obama remains silent.

Finally Obama speaks. Under pressure Obama called on the Iranian government to “stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people”

I’ll bet the Iranian government is just shaking in their boots because the “One” has spoken…finally. However, I have to wonder, how sincere is he? After all, Gateway Pundit is reporting Obama has cut off funding for pro-democracy programs in Iran.

America stands for freedom. Obama had a chance to shine (if that is even possible) I guess its hard for Obama to talk bad against other countries besides the United States. Other countries stood up and took the lead while Obama goes out for ice cream.

In just a matter of a few months, Obama has turned the greatest, most powerful country into one huge embarrassment. A has been.

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