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Increase In Cigarette Tax Results In Lower Revenue. Duh

Posted in politics by roving on June 19, 2009

Well no kidding. The U.S. government and the states keep raising the cigarette tax under the guise to help pay for health care. The problem is, every time they raise the tax, they end up with even less. And I don’t mean just a small amount. I’m talking millions. New Jersey lost $24 million dollars in tax revenue. State after state including the government will receive less tax revenue because of the over the top tax increase. The government needs over 20 million new smokers just to pay for the programs they allegedly want to pay for.

I know why the government or states keep raising the cig. tax. They don’t really want anyone to quit. If they did, they would just ban the sale and harvesting of tobacco. I have always said that the cig tax was more of a test tax.

They pick something they claim is bad, bad mouth it and tax the crap out of it and see how far they can go. Once they realize the sky is the limit, they now are able to move onto other things they claim are bad for you. For example, now its alcohol. Then it will be sugar. I have even heard some would like perfumes banned in places like offices.

Because there was not enough fuss about the cig tax, now the door has opened for anything the goverment can think of. The government knows raising the tax would actually be a loss but they are looking in the long run because now they can tax a whole slew of things.

I smoked. I don’t drink. Now if the drinkers would have stuck up for the smokers, maybe I would have stuck up for the drinkers and all the other so called bad habits the government wants to go after. But as it is, I don’t care. Tax the hell out of it.

As for you smokers, stick it to the tax man and switch to electronic cigarettes. They contain no poisons. No tobacco. Just nicotine, propylene, and water. You get your nicotine kick without all the crap they put in ciggies. I wonder why the cigarette companies put all that in cigarettes anyway?

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