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America Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Posted in politics by roving on June 12, 2009

So, tell me, how many people have been hired for this government waste of money? None that I know of. I have yet to see any ads of any business hiring people that have to do with the investment act. They just use the people they have always used. These jobs are temporary.

They are resurfacing a small amount of highway outside of town with the money. From what I understand, it is mandatory to place the America Recovery and Reinvestment Act signs where road work is being done using our money. The signs are not free so they need to waste even more money paying for these signs.

Here in my town, we pay a federal, state, and city tax on gas. This tax money is supposed to be used for infrastructure. We also pay $78 a yr. for car registration.

My  question is, where is the money from the gas tax and registration gone? We still pay it. Why do we need even more money from us to pay for surfacing of the highways. If the state governments didnt waste all the money they bring in there would be plenty to pay for it all.


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