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Run Sarah Run

Posted in politics by roving on June 6, 2009

That was the chant from some of the 20,000 crowd at the Auburn’s day parade who showed up to see her.

Sarah stills draws a crowd and is very very popular. The left and media is still  very very scared of her. It makes no difference what she does and the media will try their best to down play it and the left leave nasty disgusting comments on the loony left blog comments.

What the loony left just can’t seem to grasp is the more nasty they are, the more popular she becomes. They can’t come up with legitimate arguments. Only name calling. It’s almost amusing to read the garbage comments they spew out. You can smell the desperation in the hopes she wont run for the president.

The biggest plus is Sarah is American. Obama isn’t. Sarah talks up and is proud of the U.S. Obama is embarrassed of the U.S. and  trashes it every chance he gets.


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