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Children To Pay Child Support To Parents

Posted in politics by roving on June 5, 2009

Before social security, when a parent aged and no longer could work or take care of themselves they moved in with and were taken care of by their children. Actually it became a law forcing the children to take care of their parents.  This law is still on the books in over 30 states. Social security is going broke. medicaid is going broke.

If a parent isn’t getting enough money to live on they can take their children to court and have wage garnishments  forcing the child support payments to the parent. These laws are in place RIGHT NOW but have rarely been used but HAVE been used.

If, for example a parent lives in Iowa but the children live in another state, that wont keep them from being forced to pay child support to their parents.

The passage of the Deficit Reduction Act 2005 made it more difficult for Medicaid which means there may be more elderly individuals in nursing homes with no ability to pay for care. In response, nursing homes may use filial responsibility laws to get care paid for.

What other choice are the states and government going to have? They refuse to fix the problem so its coming. Count on it.

What I would like to know is, I have been paying into social security since I was 16. If social security goes under and we no longer will be able to get it, would we get refunds for what we paid into it or would they just say, “Easy come, easy go”?


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