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Its Good For The Chillldreeeeeen

Posted in politics by roving on June 3, 2009

Everything is for the children. Its the main ammunition the Democrats and Obama use for excuses to screw us over again and again.

Obama says people losing their jobs is good because they are sacrificing for the good of the chiiiilllldreeeenn. Meanwhile, Obama flies in a chef for a pizza party, he spends $200,000+ for a date night with his wife, sends his plane to New York to terrorize the population for a photo shoot, and on and on and on. Throwing money away that isn’t his like every day is Christmas.

What about the other  things we want for our children such as  truthfulness, keeping our kids safe, wanting them to succeed?

The road Obama has taken  does none of these for the children. Obama has put even children not born yet into debt. Obama has put the whole country into danger. Every day its something new that seems to invite attack to the U.S. Every day a lie Obama has told comes out. Every day Obama throws more people out of work. How is this good for the children?

The future for the children is bleak at best.  The road Obama is taking, the children will be less free, less prosperous, and less happy. The damage Obama has caused could take a generation to undo.

Lets hope one of the children saves this country.


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  1. rrobin said, on June 4, 2009 at 6:56 am

    Get this out to everyone you know!! TODAY!!!

    What are you waiting for??
    (And YES, this includes YOU – Hannity, Boortz, Beck, O’Reilly, Limbaugh)
    And also everyone reading this, yet not acting, not talking, not getting this information out.
    PLEASE bombard your local small town newspapers with this, your small local radio stations, your big city newspaper editorial pages, letters to ALL editors, anything AND everything you can do – and that you MUST do if we are to save our nation!
    Please don’t just rely on others like or even Ed Hale on Plains Radio – HELP them, and do everything YOU can think of, get creative, and get this ACCOMPLISHED!
    Now, this week, immediately!
    Stand up and speak out in your church this week, post this in every church bulletin, make a flyer and put in on cars in parking lots, and STOP this unlawful theft of our country!
    Stand up for America, and speak out!
    We have to get this DONE and NOW is the time, not next week, not next September or in 4 years, but NOW, this week!
    Let’s have a real July 4th celebration!
    Please, patriots, please…..
    And whatever you’re already doing, thank you, but you know you can do more, and NOW IS THE TIME!
    Last night, Hannity spoke out finally and vehemently that Obama IS destroying America, so let’s get this to the next step, without any further delay, and every one of you reading this CAN do something to help.
    You know you can, so do it.
    Let’s get this ACCOMPLISHED!

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