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Over 60% Still Blame Bush. Unbelievable

Posted in politics by roving on June 1, 2009

Saw the poll that showed a majority of those polled blame Bush for this economy. Is it any wonder this country is going downhill so fast?

The Democrats were in complete control the last 2 years of the Bush Presidency. They controlled the purse strings. They were the reason for the banks failing. Obama PERSONALLY was in on the forcing the banks into giving out bad loans.  Obama URGED Bush to bail out the auto makers.

It wasn’t long after the Democrats took control that the economy started slowing. Normally where I work there has been overtime anytime anyone wanted at least 10 months out of the year. Soon after the Democrats took control, it slowly dried up and as of now, 80% of the people working there are laid off.  I’m not sure my plant will still be there by the end of the year.

I know the media does their best to cover for Democrats. Most times if one gets in trouble they leave out the part that labels him/her Democrat. But still, I’m sure most Americans have a computer and could see for themselves what the truth is. Unless of course the only sites they go to are sites like Daily Kos Its one of the top ten most unreliable sites to visit. Pure hate and spin.

I personally go to right and left blog sites. Its amazing yet frustrating how the left out right lie and spin the stories. So I guess I can see how many people can come away with false facts and ideas. If they would check out the other side, and also do their own research  that poll would drop to almost 0% and all Democrats would be booted out of office.

I admit when the Republicans were in power they messed up. They acted like drunken Democrats with our money. They forgot what they are supposed to stand for.

They think the Democrats “care” about them. That’s far from the truth. They purposely try and keep the people down by using welfare and such. They need the people to stay down so they remain dependent on them. If the Democrats cared so much for us, why would they continually raise taxes making it harder to come out from under? Why were they so dead set against civil rights in the 60’s? Why do they thirst for the killing of innocent babies?  Its because they dont. For them its all about power.

Obama says to the millions who are and will be out of a job that they are sacrificing for the good. They are doing it for their children and grandchildren. That is the logic of a Democrat. A Republican thinks we should all prosper.

Our only hope for this country is to vote all the Democrats out of office next year and something tells me that is what will happen. I think Obama knows this also because he is trying to push as much as he can as fast as he can before that happens.


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