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How About Some Good News

Posted in politics by roving on May 30, 2009

Since last summer and especially after Obama paid for the office he now holds its been bad news after bad news but there are signs out there things may be starting to turn.

I have heard Obama supporters with my own ears and I’m sure I’m not alone in hearing the stories of regret for helping to put the Kenyan into office.

REAL Democrats, Republicans, black, white, and others are coming together for tea parties to protest the abomination Obama is putting this country through with more tea parties to come.

All of the Obama news networks are crashing. At the rate viewers are abandoning them, I’ll be surprised if they are still around 5yrs from now unless they start reporting the truth.

It is no secret that Barack Obama loathes Fox News.  He has refused to appear on any Fox program during the campaign and after the election, with the exception of Bill O’Reilly.  Yet it is Fox News that has increased its viewership since November and totally decimated the competition, while decidedly pro-Obama networks such as MSNBC and CNN have lost viewers during the same period.

In fact, O’Reilly’s show alone pulled in more viewers than all of MSNBC and CNN combined.

Further, Hannity has been named specifically by Obama on several occasions as a TV commentator for which he has utmost disdain.  Yet Hannity has managed to pull in more viewers than the top 2 MSNBC programs combined.

What’s going on here?  Is there an explanation for this curious phenomenon where the very network that dares criticize Barack Obama is making minced meat out of its competition? more at

Note the car horns in a show of support at the end of the video. Yes, I think we may have a chance next year to yank this country out of the hands of the Marxists and hopefully it wont take to long to undo all the damage that has been and will be done.

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