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Biden Forced To Use Teleprompter?

Posted in politics by roving on May 29, 2009

From what I can gather from  quick research Biden normally doesn’t use a teleprompter. That is until last Oct. 2008 when Obama was slipping in the polls.  They couldn’t afford any more gaffes from Biden so like Obama, they put a teleprompter in front of him anytime he was giving a speech. But then they couldn’t watch him all the time to make sure he stayed chained to it. Remember the stand up Chuck? (the man was in a wheelchair)

Once Biden loses site of his teleprompter, let the gaffes begin. He cant seem to help it…or…he is digging into Obama on purpose. Remember, Biden warned us in his own way NOT to vote for the Kenyan with his warning that American enemies would test Obama. Before Obama was nominated Biden said Obama wasn’t qualified to be president.

Why did Obama pick Biden for VP anyway? Biden was always the butt of jokes in Washington. Was it because he thought Biden was clueless and could slip things past him? Is Biden his protection? I mean come on, could anyone imagine Biden being president if anything were to happen to Obama?

I dont think Biden is as stupid as Obama thinks he is.

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