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Media Covers Up Another Obama Crime

Posted in politics by roving on May 27, 2009

When will the media or the justice department do their job instead of yucking it up at press conferences?

Its being reported all over the web how most dealerships being shut down are the ones that had contributed to the republicans. A little Chicago style payback happening here. Yet, its not being reported on any news network. Any wonder why the print and televised news is failing? Lucky for them sheeple don’t do much research on their own or they all would be completely shut down for lack of customers.

Just one of the many stories…

Newsmax Increasing numbers of Chrysler dealers are disputing the bankrupt automaker’s claim that it selected dealerships for closure on purely economic grounds, and they have filed a suit against the automaker in U.S. bankruptcy court.

“My business is being stolen from me under the guise of the bankruptcy laws [and] given to another dealer down the street,” Jim Anderer, owner of Island Jeep in Lindenhurst, N.Y., told Reuters.

Like many of the 789 Chrysler dealerships slated for closure, Anderer claims his retail outlet was profitable.

Many of the closed dealers were also major donors to Republican candidates and political action committees, a review of campaign finance data from the Federal Election Commission shows.

One company that stands to benefit in a major way from the Chrysler restructuring is called RLJ-McLarty-Landers, a start-up owned by Democratic Party insiders that operates six Chrysler dealerships throughout the South.

Co-owners Robert L. Johnson, founder of Black Entertainment Television, and Mack McLarty, chief of staff to president Bill Clinton, provided capital and political clout to the partnership, which they formed in September 2007.


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  1. aprilnovember811 said, on May 31, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    The best thing these people can do is file lawsuits. This is America, not Kenya. This man will be stopped eventually, as all criminals are. They get cocky and slip up.

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