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Daily KOS Is Racist

Posted in politics by roving on May 26, 2009

But then that should be no surprise. Most democrats always have been racists throughout history.  That’s why I have always had a hard time understanding why the minorities continue to vote for the ones who keep them down.

The Daily KOS is a little upset at the minories right now because prop. 8 stands. They are blaming, guess who? Why the minority vote. To the KOS and the democrats the ONLY time they are of any good to them is to get their people in office. After that is accomplished I guess they can just go to hell.

NOW they want to suppress the minority the vote. These are the same people who claim to want all votes to count. illegal or not.

They don’t care it prop. 8 was put to a vote to the people and the people let their voices be heard. If prop. 8 would have failed and if anyone tried to get it over turned, what do you think Daily Racists KOS would do? They would say hey, it was voted on. You lost, get over it.

The Daily KOS isn’t shy about being racists. They are shouting it out to the world by titling their blog:

To Repeal Prop 8, Keep Black And Hispanic Turnout Low, and Counter Mormon Money.

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