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Why We Should Be Very Worried

Posted in politics by roving on May 18, 2009

Police arrest Father Norman Weslin along with 39 others for protesting Obama’s visit to a Catholic University because of Obam’s stand on abortion. Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?  Catholics are supposed to be against abortion. Its a Catholic University. A baby killer is giving a speech there and the police arrest the Father?

The police are beginning to show they are working for Obama and  how they can’t be trusted by pulling over and detaining a man simply because he had a bumper sticker that read “Dont Tread On Me

If police are going to go that far to infringe on freedom of speech why would they not do Obama’s work later on down the road and round us all up who don’t particular care for the Kenyan? I have always said the police should be required to know the constitution by heart and be mandated to carry a copy with them or in their squad car. Of course it could be they could care less about the Constitution just like the Kenyan.

If anyone should be watched, it is the far left but since most of the police are libs it won’t happen.  Yes there has been a few from the far right who have been violent but the kooks on the left have been violent more often. They are constantly calling for death against anyone who disagrees with them. We believe in freedom. They don’t. (Except for their own of course)

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