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9/11 and USS Cole Families: “We’d Been Had”

Posted in politics by roving on May 8, 2009

Every day more and more of the gullible are opening their eyes and seeing for themselvees what kind of a evil liar Obama really is. Its strange they never seen it during the campaign. All they had to do was look at who Obama hung out with. That alone tells you who Obama is and what he stands for.

Over the years, the Cole families have seen justice abandoned by the Clinton administration and overshadowed by the need of the Bush administration to gather intelligence after 9/11. They have watched in frustration as the president of Yemen refused extradition for the Cole bombers.

Now, after more than eight years of waiting, Mr. Obama was stopping the trial of Abu Rahim al-Nashiri, the only individual to be held accountable for the bombing in a U.S. court. Patience finally gave out. The families were giving angry interviews, slamming the new president just days after he was sworn in.

More at wsj

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