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One Of Many Reasons Print News Are In Trouble

Posted in politics by roving on May 7, 2009

Its the garbage they spew. The lies. The cover-ups. The left leaning biased reporting and editorials. Boston Globe is a good example of the biased kind of paper I’m talking about. Palin Still An Easy Target The Obama administration has been nothing but mistakes, gaffes and full of criminals but they ignore that. Instead they do reports like Obama and wife taking a stroll or Obama eats a burger. But they attack Palin.

What is it they despise about Sarah Palin? We dont know. They never give a good reason. Everyone calls her names and think she is a joke yet fail to give any examples of how she is less qualified then the Kenyan we now have.

I’ll bet all I have if Sarah were president instead of the illegal alien, the stock market would have taken off and we would be starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I’ll bet every time Sarah opened her mouth the stock market wouldn’t drop a few hundred points like it does when the Kenyan starts stuttering.

I stopped buying my local paper because of the biased stories. Now there will be no Monday paper because apparently I’m not the only one fed up with them.

I seen how Sarah energized and excited the people during the campaign and it scared the hell out of the media. The people didn’t come to see McCain. They came to see Sarah. The media and the Palin haters  knew she had a shot and tried every trick in the book to destroy her and they continue to try.

As far as I’m concerned she is the only Republican choice to be president. Even her fellow Republicans know this and are afraid of her because she isn’t one of the good old boy and steals their thunder whenever she is in the public eye.

The Palin haters make fun  of her but have never explained why she wouldnt be qualified to be president. How is it they think Obama is qualified? A man who has accomplished nothing in his life.

As far as I’m concerned the sheeple and their partners, the media are the racists ones. They hate Sarah because she is a woman.

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  1. jim4freedom said, on May 7, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    They hate her because she is a Christian woman, who opposes abortion, has traditional values and apparantly is a happy person.

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