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Let Obama Help Them

Posted in politics by roving on May 7, 2009

Many months ago I wrote a blog about giving to charities and how I was going to only give money to the charities that had to do with vets.

I didn’t want to give to anyone else because how was I to know who was going to get the money. I didn’t want a dime of my money going to a Obama supporter. They voted for Obama thinking they were going to live on easy street and have everything just handed to them. I of course knew this was never going to happen. So I figured, you voted for him, let Obama help you.

It looks like I wont be the only one not giving. Obama doesn’t want anyone to give. (claiming charitable contributions on taxes) I assume he wants to do away with the deductions because he himself barely contributes anything much like most democrats and feels like a fool every tax year when its reported how little he gave.

Obama prefers we all are forced to “give” through more taxes. Since we know the government passes new programs then a couple years down the road they look for programs to cut, does anyone  want to make a bet what would be one of the first things cut?

We have already been forced to give huge amounts of what we now know as charity to Chrysler. This should make the libs ecstatic. They hate giving to charities and would rather have our tax dollars to spread around.  Somehow it feels like it isn’t coming out of their pocket.

Looks like I’m giving to charities whether I like it or not. So are my grand-kids and my grand-kids grand-kids.

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