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Posted in politics by roving on April 27, 2009

Now that obama once again created a treasonous act by giving our enemies top secret memos, which by the way makes it   what, the 5th time Obama has committed treason? Its hard to keep track. What would you, the I support the terrorist do to make a terrorist talk? All you seem to be able to do is condemn others for trying yet have no answers. Even knowing water boarding has prevented attacks and hasn’t killed or maimed the person being water boarded, you still have a problem. Even knowing our own military goes through everything that was done to a terrorist you STILL have a problem.

The only thing missing is how would you go about getting information needed from a terrorist in order to save thousands of lives??

The problem Obama has and he apparently hasn’t thought out is, he isn’t going to be in power forever. He can go after all the people he wants but just remember, what comes around, goes around.  He has PLENTY of crooks in his administration that could keep the next justice department very busy for years.

From here on out all blood will be on Obama’s hands. He has shown who’s side he is on but the only thing our enemies are doing is laughing at him. After all like Chavez said, Obama is a ignoramus.

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  1. LC said, on April 28, 2009 at 12:48 am

    The POTUS cannot release Secret/TS info. He is the ultimate decider. Thus, if he/she releases it then by definition it’s not Secret/TS.

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