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Another Crises, Time For Obama To Party

Posted in politics by roving on April 12, 2009

An American merchant ship with American sailors hijacked on the high seas by terrorists who now are holding the captain hostage.

When asked about it during a press conference Obama refused to answer because it wasn’t on his TelePrompter so he had no idea what he was supposed to say.

The pirates knew it was an American ship but hijacked it anyway. Pretty ballsy of them isn’t it? Not really. They have heard Obama’s speeches he has read. They know he is weak and has no idea what hes doing. They  know who’s side Obama is really on.

What would have happen if Bush was still president? Nothing. Thats what. Because this wouldn’t have happen in the first place. Terrorists know Bush isn’t going to mess around with them and they would have never dared pulled this stunt. If they did do it, they would be dead by now.

As it stands, there are a few fellows holding off the United States Navy. The most powerful Navy in the world. Laughing at us. Laughing at Obama.

What does Obama do? Why send in a FBI negotiator and “investigate” the crime of course.  I bet them pirates are shaking in their boots.

The world is watching Obama and he is failing big time.

Anyone else notice whenever there is a tragedy Obama has a dinner party? This time its a pizza party. A few months ago while people were freezing to death because of no power due to snow and ice storms, Obama was dining on $100 per serving of wagyu steak.

I hate to see the party he will throw when we are attacked again.

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