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Troop Reaction To Obama

Posted in politics by roving on April 8, 2009

So what happen? Obama visits troops for Christmas in Hawaii  and talks to them at camp Lejeune. The troops reactions are luke warm at best.

Now Obama stops in Iraq after a whirlwind of bashing American citizens, bowing to the Saudi King, his wife feeling up the queen after Obama gives her a ipod downloaded with possible illegal songs and speeches he has read and it appears the troops love Obama?

I found this odd. Obama has done nothing but bash the job they have been doing, calling them murderers, wanting them to pay for their own treatments service related injuries, and voting agaisnt funding for them.

From Hot Air comments section may answer some of the questions.

24 years in the military – retired as a Master Chief … served at the White House with Bush and was part of the coordination effort for several Presidential visits to troops.

The last thing the military brass ever wants is a BAD reception for POTUS – so the deck is always stacked. About 30 percent of the military actually has a favorable opinion of Obama so … before any visit – a call goes out for “squared away volunteers” who are willing to enthusiastically greet our NEW COMMANDER IN CHIEF! “Show him some (fill in the unit name) spirit!”

It’s not too hard to get plenty of smiling and enthusiastic volunteers to do it.

News flash – many of the crowds you see welcoming the President back to the White House – after he’s been gone awhile – are actually military members in civilian clothing. Often they can even bring their families. It always give the POTUS (any POTUS) the “air of adoration” and the military folks are really easy for clearance by the Secret Service.

This, is how the movies are made in D.C. folks. Just the same as the ones in Hollywood.


Some units might “force”. I will tell you that the military always gave Clinton a warm reception because the receptions were always “gamed”.

The military very much disliked Clinton. His first action in office was an attack on them – the whole gays in the military thing.

When I was at the White House – there was almost a revolt of the military personnel because Clinton’s staff wanted to ban military uniforms on the White House grounds – this in spite of the fact that we only wore them on Wednesdays. Eventually – the staff settled for banning only “covers” … or for you civvies – hats.

And there was also the time that military members were forced to be butlers at a dinner.

Yes – there was no love for Clinton from the military – but you never saw that did you?


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  1. Sidney Carton said, on April 8, 2009 at 1:19 pm

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, surely the crowds cheering on Bush were doctored too.

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