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Pro Choice. Thats A joke Right?

Posted in politics by roving on April 6, 2009

Pro Choice. Family Planning. What a cheery good way to explain the murder of the unborn children. Why call it Pro Choice?  It isn’t like they are against abortion. I never heard of any Pro Choice supporter say its good not to abort. Get rid of the word choice. Your for murder. Your pro abortion so just use that. There is no word you can use that will make the killing of a baby sound nice.

Get rid of family planning also. How can they possibly call it family planning? You kill the baby, you have no family. When you plan for a family, normally babies are involved.

Lets look at a random website in the FAQ of what a so called doctor who preforms abortion’s  thinks about the killing of babies. How can theses people actually think like this? Note that the word baby is never mentioned.

Dr. Goodrick is a board certified family physician with over 10 years experience providing quality abortion services. [ gag]

Our patients describe our office as “warm and caring”.

We make every effort to insure that you will be as comfortable as possible during the abortion.

Abortion is a very safe, quick procedure that has been perfected over the past 30 years.

our priority is the patient.

It is very normal to experience sadness, apathy, or the “blues” after an abortion. This can be related to the drastic change in hormones in the body. Your friend or loved one may appear moody or tired, with an increase in appetite and perspiration. It is important to realize that these are normal and acceptable reactions. [ uh, could it be she just KILLED a baby and might feel guilty?]


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  1. GAYLE said, on April 7, 2009 at 5:57 am

    Rest assured God is watching and he is writing it down

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