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Hey Fellas, Their Inside

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on April 5, 2009

VA Tech. A man is busy picking off students one by one. Eyewitness accounts describe police hiding behind trees and failing to pursue the killer, while ordering the school to be placed on lockdown so nobody could escape the carnage as the killer picked off his targets with seemingly little interruption from the police.

This happens way to much. Police slow to respond. Needing time to reassess the situation.  While they twiddle their thumbs instead of doing the job they are paid to do, people needlessly die.  The police  are the ones with the guns and vests. The people being killed are unarmed and helpless.

At 11:21am two (some claim three) kids walk into a high school and started shooting. Depending on who tells it the shooting stopped anywhere from 11:46am to as late as 3:45pm. A total of 15 people including the shooters were killed. SWAT didn’t enter the school until a half hour after the shooting stopped. The police were there within three minutes but Sheriff said they were “out gunned.” So opted for hiding behind cars.

Now we have the most recent massacre in New York and again, slow police response costs people their lives and again, instead of trying to save lives, they need to hide so they can think about it for awhile in the hopes the killer will just kill himself when finished.

I know police work is dangerous but they know its dangerous before joining up. There was no gun pointed to their head forcing them to be a police officer.  If  a police officer chooses to hide behind trees and cars while people are being killed, maybe its time that police officer looks for another line of work.

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