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Quashing The Conservative’s Freedom Of Right To Assemble

Posted in politics by roving on April 3, 2009

Tea parties are spreading across the nation. The protest are growing larger and larger although they have been peaceful. Unlike when a bunch of liberals get together. Then prepare for burnings, looting, beating others up, attacking the police, and calling for other peoples death.

Florida city officials canceled the tea party scheduled   in Cape Coral with the excuse that they think to many people will show up. They also want the organizers to take out a insurance policy. Just keep throwing road blocks at them till they get tired. It seems to have worked.

At first an unelected city official in Burleson Texas vowed to prevent the gathering but now its a go ahead. Most likely by all the emails and phone calls they no doubt received.

In Iowa 600 people were kicked out during a public hearing about tax increases. The police were ordered and  helped  throw the people out. I think the cops need to take a constitution class so they would know what they did was wrong.  Its a scary thought knowing we have cops on the street that have no idea what our rights are.

With more protests coming, there are more chances of cities trying to stop them by making it impossible for the people the right of assemble.

Now, when it comes to illegals holding protests and rallies, that is just find. Funny I dont remember permits or insurance being required.

There are two rules. One for people who believe in the constitution who are denied rights and people who hate the constitution who are able to yell out death threats, commit acts of violence and general mayhem.

shootofficers3 When was the last time anyone seen a conservative rally call for the other peoples death? Anyone?

personally I don’t think the tea parties will accomplish anything. They are being held in the wrong city. Washington DC is where they should be. Right in front of the what used to be the White House. Then lets see the media ignore it.

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  3. magna carta said, on April 5, 2009 at 8:16 am

    These little parties need to continue like bi-weekly.The globalists are working fast for the international plantation system.Perhaps they could evolve into nationwide tailgating party that discuss that freedom-stealing going on.we must keep the pressure on.look at what the result of g-20 was.

  4. David Williams said, on April 11, 2009 at 5:34 am

    One thing that needs to be discussed at these Tea Party meetings is to carry them to the White House in Washington D.C. That is where they will gain more recognition but it must start in the towns where people live first, and then gain organizational leadership to take it to Washington. The Tea Party meetings must not stop after the initial party. All people concerned must see it to the White House and keep hammering untill some justice is found among Congress and the American People. The pilliaging of the American People by the elected officials has got to stop.

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