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Chantix: Day 5

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on April 3, 2009

Not sure if its the chantix but last two nights I could barely sleep. I slept a couple hrs sorta last night. Gave up and laid down on the couch. I then fell asleep. Maybe I just needed a change. I don’t know.

I started the 2 pill dose last night. When I woke up I had no cravings but I still have a half pack of ciggies and smoked anyway. While getting ready to go out I lit up another and had to put it out because I didn’t want it.

I don’t know if its just my imagaination or not. Seems a little early for the pill to be working. I havent even started the full dosage yet. Being a hard core smoker, 2-3 packs a day, I find it hard to believe its working already.

I just lit up a ciggie and so far I’m still smoking it. The feeling I get when smoking is a full lung feeling. Maybe I’m just coming down with something.

I barely get a upset stomach now when I take the pill if at all. Still being ripped off of the really vidid dreams like the patch gives. Maybe that will come when I start the full dosages.

I’m not seeing things that arnt there yet or thinking of killing myself.

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