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Obama Could Fix The Economy Today But Wont

Posted in politics by roving on March 29, 2009

Obama could create jobs out of the wazoos and have a booming economy if instead of giving money away to be wasted,  never to be seen again and deepen the recession  if he did one or two things. Obama and Bush included take OUR money and gives it to others. What has it accomplished? People still being laid off and businesses closing. Near me the Chrysler plant is shutting down for two weeks.

All presidents are guilty of helping the wrong people. The ONLY ones who are going to get the economy going are you and I. Not some bank. What is the point of giving all that money to the car manufacturer’s when people don’t have the jobs to buy the cars? Every time the big three lay someone off, they just knocked another buyer out of the market. That goes for all businesses.

A company lays off their employees, sends their jobs overseas, then import what they used to make here but they laid off their people who now can’t buy the product. Soon other companies are laying off. Its a vicious cycle.

One thing the Government could have done was give the citizens the billions in stimulus. Not the $600. That was a joke. If the banks need billions why would they think giving us $600 would get the economy going again?

If every tax paying American would have received the $28,000 factories would be hiring right now. Some say it could have been a million per tax payer. If every American received a million dollars that might have been to much. People would have been quitting their jobs. Of course then maybe it would be okay for the illegals or foreigners to come in and do our jobs. Like they do in Saudi Arabia.

Giving every American the thousands would have cost way less then what they are doing now. Even if they had just paid off everyone’s mortgage that would still have more of an effect then what they are doing now which is having zero effect.

Another thing they could have done was do away with the income tax at least for awhile. The income tax is unconstitutional to begin with.  Its like Obama’s volunteer mandatory SS army he wants to build. The tax is a volunteer mandatory theft of our money so they can give it to others.

Obama has lied all through his campaign. he said he would not raise tax on anyone below $250 thousand. Or was it $150 thousand? it kept changing as the campaign went on. As soon as he hit office, he raised the cigarette tax the highest it has ever been.

Obama could still give us a good chunk of what is left in the “stimulus package” but he wont because he doesn’t want  you or I to succeed. That isn’t why he is on office. Communism is all about depending on all our needs to come from the government. Obama going after how much certain people can make is only the beginning. Sooner or later he will come after what we can earn and what with the all the tax increases coming down the road he will have succeeded at that also.

You Obama lovers. $13 a week is what he thinks your worth. How does that make you feel?

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