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Washington Times – EDITORIAL: Destroying housing market

Posted in politics by roving on March 17, 2009

Washington Times – EDITORIAL: Destroying housing market More taxes, fewer deductions are twin killers.

A majority of economists are so dissatisfied with President Obama‘s handling of the economy that they gave him an “F” grade, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC survey finds. As the Journal noted, this dissatisfaction is across the political spectrum – not just with Republican economists. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner got even an even lower level of “F” than Mr. Obama.

Compared to just last month’s survey, the economists are more pessimistic and think that the recession will last an additional two months longer – now until October…


Don’t they get it? Obama is purposly trying to destroy the economy. He wants to take over everything and force us to be 100% dependent on him and his lefty democrats.

There are two things Obama hates the most. The united States and our military. His actions prove it.

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