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Obama Dare Not Use Teleprompters

Posted in politics by roving on March 6, 2009

Obama goes nowhere without his teleprompters. Even for small speeches.  He uses a couple of them so he is looking left and right trying to fool the people he is talking to them.

Its always fun when Obama doesn’t use a teleprompter. He not only cannot speak without stuttering and long pauses, we get the see the real Obama. This is how we found out he thinks babies are punishments. This is how we found out we should learn to speak Spanish. This is how we learned we shouldn’t be allowed to keep our homes warm or drive what we want. We also now know Obama doesn’t know history or how many states are in the United States.

Obama is also fed what to say through the teleprompter. It makes a person wonder if Obama is nothing but a puppet while others pull the strings. Obama isn’t smart enough to run a country. He’s nothing but a Chicago thug who takes his walking orders from other Chicago thugs.

The more Obama goes without a teleprompter the more clueless he shows the world he really is. Of course Russia and Iran has known this all along and soon, his sheep will too.

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