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Roland Burris, A Gift From God

Posted in politics by roving on February 21, 2009

Burris must of been listening  to some other God. . “People said I was either crazy or divinely directed. I accept the latter,” he said. “I believe without a doubt that I am predestined to be a role model.”

The  man Roland Burris who said the bible is his blueprint for life,  knowingly tried sending an innocent man to death row. In a perfect world Burris would have been brought up on attempted murder charges.

Sun-Times In 1992, as Burris sought the death penalty for Cruz — who had been convicted twice by juries — a Burris deputy resigned in protest. Deputy Attorney General Mary Brigid Kenney became convinced that Cruz was innocent, the victim of “many instances of prosecutorial misconduct.” She asked Burris to stop defending the case before the Supreme Court but Burris refused. In her letter of resignation, Kenney claimed her boss had “seen fit to ignore the evidence in this case.” Burris countered that “it is not for me to place my judgment over a jury, regardless of what I think.” The state Supreme Court eventually tossed out the conviction and a DNA test in 1995 matched a different man, Brian Dugan, to the crime.

And now we have Burris trying to buy the senate seat. Obama wants Burris out now. Of course he does. Obama got the vote he wanted. Isn’t it funny how everyone around Obama has committed crimes except for Obama. Sooner or later Obama is going to throw the wrong person under the bus and they are going to squeal long and loud.

Is it just me or does Obama being in power for one month feel like its been years? I am so ready for change.

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