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Obama’s Oddly Timed And Placed Vacations

Posted in politics by roving on February 17, 2009

Why is it when something happens at a particular place, that is where Obama decides to take time off at?

Sept. 2008: ” Her body is not in great shape. She has osteoporosis which means she can’t travel. She can’t sit for long periods of time on the plane. So, that’s why it is so important for me to take these trips to Hawaii.” -Obama.

Oct. 2o. Andy Martin stated in a press release he petitioned the Hawaii Supreme Court to order Obama’s secret birth records released.

Oct. 20. Obama announces he is going to suspend his campaign and rush to Hawaii to visit his gravely ill grandmother due from a broken hip she received from a fall.  It took him a few days but he finally went to Hawaii. Obama had the election in the bag but continued to campaign a while longer. Even though it may be the last time his family are able to see his grandmother alive, he goes alone and has his wife campaigning for him.

What bothers me is if she was seriously ill, why was she released from the hospital?? Does the hospitals routinely release patients with a broken hip?

Why are there two different dates of her death? One for Nov. 3rd Dunham passed away peacefully at her home shortly before midnight Sunday night (5 a.m. ET), campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki told CNN. That makes it Nov 2nd.

Another thing that bothers me. Obama says she was gravely ill because of of a broken hip yet CNN reported she died of cancer.  Obama only at first  said she had osteoporosis. Well? WHICH IS IT? This is what I like about someone who tells so many lies. They can’t remember the last lie they told and makes a person who lies a lot easy to spot.

At a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, Monday night, the Illinois senator said “she has gone home and she died peacefully in her sleep with my sister at her side.”

“I’m not going to talk about it long because it’s hard to talk about,” he added. Of course you don’t want to talk about it. You never really cared for her.  I can’t help but wonder if her death was somehow hasten a bit.


In December Obama takes a vacation to Hawaii to FINALLY put his grandmother to rest.  Meanwhile his right hand man Rahm Emanual  is vacationing in Africa. Both just happen to be near any records of Obama  at the very same time.  Obama then goes to his  grandmothers apartment ALONE. Not even secret service allowed. Hmm.

This past week Obama was pushing to pass the stimulus bill like it was life or death.  He needed it passed and on his desk to sign ASAP.

Okay, the life or death  theft of America bill was voted on and passed without anyone reading what all was in it But where is Obama? Oh, he left for Chicago for a three day weekend on the same very same day Roland Burris admits he didn’t really tell the Illinois House impeachment committee, “the truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth”

Something really smells and it smells like B.O.


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  1. Jonathan Simeone said, on February 17, 2009 at 1:49 am

    Do you really have this much time on your hands? I’m not the biggest Obama fan in the world, but questioning his trip to see his sick relative is just sick! You really need to find some other outlet for all of the time you spend coming up with rediculous topics like this one.

  2. sandy said, on February 17, 2009 at 8:02 am

    Hillary is in Indonesia right now….another odd trip.
    Jonathan, these are indeed pertinent questions. He is not the only one to notice this trend.
    What would be ridiculous is to look the other way leaving all suspicious activities unexposed no matter how far-fetched they seem. Apathy is to blame for a great deal of the mess we find ourselves in today. Leave no stone unturned. This country is too important! Diamonds can easily hide under the little ones of which most wouldn’t even stoop to look under.

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