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Dick Cheney Will Have Blood On His Hands

Posted in politics by roving on February 7, 2009

Dick Cheney, 17 days out of office as vice president, has told a reporter that there is a “high probability” of a nuclear or biological attack against the United States. This is because of the way Obama plans on dealing with terrorists.

Dick Dick Dick. You Dick. Don’t you see Obama doesn’t care. You saw who he first contacted after buying the election. His Muslim Jew hating  buds.  He wants to give killers from different countries constitutional rights. Russia and Iran see how weak Obama is and they are going to use it against him.

You Dick, had your chance to do the right thing and follow the constitution by asking if anyone objects when you were counting the electoral votes.  You decided to let this fraud take office with your own free will.

When we are attacked again, you and everyone who participated in this fraud will all have blood on their hands.


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