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Future “Pretend” Rulings Of The Supreme Court

Posted in politics by roving on January 21, 2009

I don’t know about the rest of the country but when the supreme court makes future rulings they will feel moot to me. Yes, we will have to follow all laws the courts hand down but the best way to describe it for me is, all future decisions wont feel right. Like we are pretending we still have a constitution. If they were serious, they would follow the whole thing. Not ignore certain parts of the constitution.Its a fact Obama’s father was not born in the United States. The whole world knows this and yet all our congressmen, all our senators, all the supreme court justices ignored it. How are we to take them seriously in the future?

Obama thinks he won by a landslide when actually it was only something like 25% of the whole country who voted for him.  Obama thinking over half the country voted for him is his first mistake.

I don’t know if Roberts messed up giving the oaf of office on purpose. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it so I wasn’t able to see expressions. I heard it on the radio. If he somehow thinks that will excuse him in the future when or if Obama is found to be the fraud he is, I will still have no respect for the man. All future rulings and opinions will mean nothing to me.

Obama was the first to spit on the graves of the millions who have died for our country and one by one our leaders in Washington along with the justices, walked by and left their own spit.

When I saw the picture of  Obama standing at the the tomb of the unknown soldier the first thought I had was get away from there. You have no right.

Somehow I feel less free now and I get a knot in my stomach every time I think of Obama sitting in the White House.


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