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Bush’s Executive Order

Posted in politics by roving on January 19, 2009

A couple days ago Bush signed a executive order and some are excited thinking its a way to get at Obama. I’m not a lawyer and its pretty much gibberish to me. it can be seen at Country First

The Country First board explains  gives a opinion of what COULD  happen here. Me, it sounds like it only pertains to federal workers but there are some Representatives who say this is what they need to go after Obama.

Orly is using this executive order to file a new suit in federal court.

On plains radio Dr Mike Ritz,State Congressman from OK..and Patriot, called the Ed Hale Show tonight. he asked that any federal employee to please call Ed Hale or Caren at Plains (806.447.0270)..they will be put in contact with Congressman Mike Ritz! He would not give any info out except that this was urgent..that the executive order issued by President Bush..Friday Jan. 16th gave an opening to pin Obama with information they have but it can only be accessed by a federal employee and it needs to be accomplished by 11:59 am EST, on Tues. Jan. 20 because 5 min after taking office Obama will revoke it. There is also a congresswoman Blackburn who could possibly become involved.

There are crimes in that executive order Obama has committed. The drug use, going behind Bush’s back in Iraq, campaigning for his cousin in Kenya while in the senate. Both felonies.

People are thinking this is Bush’s going away present.   Lets hope so…


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  1. […] on reinvestigating individuals at the federal level. According to RovingPatrol bog, this Order could be another way to approach the President-Elect’s many legal issues. It is also thought that OK State Rep. Mike Ritze may be pushing some things at the State […]

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