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Steve Pidgeon On Plains radio Tonight

Posted in politics by roving on January 15, 2009

Steve Pidgeon, the lawyer going after Obama will be on Plains Radio tonight. He released this statement through Chalice

Press Releases related to Plains Radio and Stephen Pidgeon

Greetings fellow Patriots,

Stephen Pidgeon asked to have the following conveyed to Plains Radio Network:

>> Discordant publicity is affecting his ability to complete this research. He is literally getting different degrees of heat from across the globe, from all sides. The closer we get, the hotter things become and the greater the need for precise communications. Earlier communication miscues aside, for now, Stephen will provide information he is ready to release to Plains Radio Network through me. I will write the press release, and after I show them to Ed, place them here.

>> Stephen believes that we must all stand together! This is very important to all of us. Stephen asks that each of us stay focused and not lose sight of our purpose. He said “We must not allow anything to divide us. Stay strong, stay united. We are a far cry from being done with the research. Also, the litigation strategies have just begun.” He continued, “There is no need for division in the ranks tearing each other down.”

>> Currently we have the following activities taking place:

* A London Solicitor is working on the UK connection
* We have Operatives on both coasts looking for the POE information
* We have SERIOUS leads in Seattle
* A few leads in DC are being followed
* Related to the Document number released earlier, there is follow-up underway. (Nope, no document yet… but this is NOT discouraging news….)

>> Stephen is scheduled to be on Plains Radio tonight. He is in the middle of a trial that has gone longer then expected. He will call in once he gets out of court. There is a 2 hours time zone difference… So I am not able to say exactly what time he will be on.

>> Stephen met with some of the Plaintiffs on Broe vs Reed last night. He has a second meeting planned. He will update us on this meeting.

>> Stephen says “Let everyone know, that this issue will never be moot as long as Obama is President.” He does not want us to get into a feeding frenzy over the looming inauguration.

>> If you have questions or research for Stephen, please direct it to me ( ). Because of the flood of email, he is behind in responding to email.

Please feel free to quote me on this release.



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  1. […] RovingPatrol, here’s a presser from “Chalice” regarding Stephen Pidgeon (lead attorney in the […]

  2. connie said, on February 13, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    I can not find steves website

  3. roving said, on February 13, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    Steve has given up

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