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How Will The Media Act

Posted in politics by roving on January 15, 2009

When  it comes to light Obama is not a natural born citizen I will watch the news stations and listen to the conservative radio stations to see how they report and talk about it.  Should be quite interesting listening to them explain how it was a shock and they had no idea Obama wasn’t qualified.

It isn’t like they haven’t known all this time Obama isn’t qualified. Anyone with a computer can find out something isn’t quite right without much effort. The ones who think everything is good, well, you better check YOUR tin-foil hat. Its a little hard to ignore the evidence piling up. Funny how its easier to find evidence Obama WASN’T born here but its hard to find evidence he WAS born here. All they have is that fake COLB as evidence. Which by the way says if altered, its no good.

I can just hear Rush now sounding like Obama. “uh uh uh, I had no idea.”


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