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I was At A McDonalds One Day And…

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on January 10, 2009

Its not often I go inside a McDonalds. Normally I just do the driv-thru. This day I went in, the place was crowded and  I had to wait in line. Not good. It gives you time to watch the people prepare the food.

I was watching a guy prepare the burgers. On his left hand he wore a glove. This is good except for one tiny problem. He had the fingers of the glove cut off. On the right hand he was not wearing a glove.

With the right gloveless hand he would pick up the top bun and place it on the burger. With the left, he picked the burger up and put it in the wrapper. I’m beginning to have second thoughts about maybe skipping a meal.

Before  he was ready for  the next burger he lifted is left gloved hand (the one with the fingers cut off) and I watched him raise it towards his nose. I’m thinking NO! DON’T DO IT! But he did. It went in. After he was finished, it was back to work.

I looked around to see if anyone just seen what happen. Apparently no one did. I suddenly had a craving for a  subway tuna sandwich and decided yes, that sounds pretty good about now. I left.

From now on I only do the driv-thru. I figure what I don’t know cant hurt me.

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