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Andy Martin Still Fighting On

Posted in politics by roving on January 7, 2009

Re: Martin v. Lingle
Circuit Court No. 08-1-2147-10-BIA

Dear Attorney Nagamine:

“This will respond to your cover letter and proposed order of today’s date.

I am getting the creepy feeling that the Hawai’i courts are operated as a secret society. You sent me a proposed ruling on my motion for reconsideration, and I have not even been advised the motion has been addressed and ruled on. How do you know what is going on before I do? The motion to reconsider was unopposed by your office. It should have been granted as an unopposed motion. Now there is some form of communication between your office and the judge, to which I am not a party. Not a party indeed.

Judicial proceedings should not only be fair and impartial; they should appear to be fair and impartial. The proceedings involving manipulation of Hawai’i’s official records do not even remotely pass the smell test. The entire nation has been horrified by the abusive treatment I have received in Hawai’i” More at Contrarian


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