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Being Single

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on January 2, 2009

Being single with no one around gives a person time to think. Probably because there are large amounts of boredom thrown in with it.

As I was getting ready to slave in the kitchen one day to make my supper, I was right in the middle of opening up my TV dinner and  came across an idea.  A TV dinner restaurant.

The people come into my place, I give them a list of TV dinners I have, they pick one, I heat it up. It could be geared towards  the single people.  It could also cater to the married folks who wish to revive the days of single-hood again.

Instead of tables, chairs and booths, the restaurant  would have couches and coffee tables to eat at. Along with a TV.  To make it more like home there would be magazines spread around the coffee table along with 2 or 3 remote controls. the  3rd remote is hidden and you have to find it.

When it comes to housework, the “mood” has to hit me or I wont do as good of a job.  A couple days ago the mood did hit but by the time I was finished with the living room and dining room the mood was wearing off. I wasn’t able to get the kitchen. Now I am conducting a experiment with the kitchen. All my life I have been told things wont get done if you just let it sit. Well I’m  testing that theory.  So far it isn’t looking to good. Maybe I’ll give it one more day.

I’m no carpenter but being single means who cares?  I wanted to make a wooden screen door but when finished I forgot to allow room to actually open and shut it so now I have a very large screen window I’m willing to sell.

I have two cats. When they aren’t  trying to kill me by jumping out in front me hoping I trip, they can be pretty humorous to watch.  I find myself actually talking to them sometimes like a real person who can understand what I’m saying.  There has been times when the cats are sleeping and I find myself walking quietly so as not to disturb them when it hits me. What the hell am I doing? their cats!  So then I purposely stomp as I walk to show them I’m in charge. I know they do love me though because of the small dead animals they leave me. Unless its actually a warning and they are showing me who really is in charge. Maybe I should watch my back.

When a single guy buys a house his mother likes to help her son out. I now have flowery curtains and some fake plants. I don’t mind though. It made my mother happy thinking she was making me happy. Its just one more thing to explain if a man comes to my house and glances at my curtains.

Being single has its ups and downs.  Sometimes its bothersome coming home from work and the only one to greet you is a couple cats and the main thing on their mind is food and a clean litter box.  Other times its nice to be on your own.

Maybe someday I can write what its like to be married.

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