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Obama And Chavez. Birds Of Feathers

Posted in politics by roving on December 28, 2008

Will Obama go by Venezuelan president Chavez’s playbook? I’m seeing some eerily same connections between the two. They both prefer socialism/Communism ideas. Even Obama’s campaign poster were looking  like many of the dictator’s we have had in the world. I would have thought the posters alone would be a warning enough to the people of what was coming. I don’t know what they teach in school anymore but their history books must really be messed up. Obama used the hide in plain site plan throughout his campaign ( except the birth certificate) and it actually worked. Amazing!

Chavez has a new flag for his country. Obama makes up offices and symbols. I said earlier in his campaign it wouldn’t surprise me none if he comes out with his own flag. Heck, we already have the new Obama salute. obamasaluteChavez is turning everything into government run. Its beginning to happen here. Right now our government can confiscate private property for the good of all. Now we have all these so called bailouts. Obama wants more. He wants to “share the wealth” He wants to take away our 401k and retirements and share it with everyone. Even the ones who never earned it.

Chavez shuts down media and papers that go to hard against him. Obama has tried this more then a few times while campaigning. He has tried to knock WGN radio off the air at least three times because he didn’t like the subject matter they were going to discuss. He had filed lawsuits and threaten lawsuits if  TV aired certain campaign ads and they all backed off including fox news. Obama had “truthers” out and about ready to sue anyone who spoke out against Obama with the backing of the state.

Chavez has his own private army. When he ordered the Venezuelan army to open fire on their own people they refused but Chavez’s private army had no problem with it.

We have American combat troops being station on home soil. We have Obama wanting a civilian security force. Is this for back up in case the US military refuses to carry out orders?

Obama says our Constitution is flawed. Is he going to try and do away with it? Change it? I do know something will need to be done because more and more states have bills in the works that will mandate future candidates running for president to show they are eligible and if Obama wants to run for a second term he will need to change the constitution.

Its going to be a gut wrenching four or less years. I only hope we are able to undo all the damage.


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