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Your Breath Is A Pollutant

Posted in politics by roving on December 22, 2008


Obama in all his wisdom wants to make sure our economy crashes for good by classifying carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant and order the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate it under the Clean Air Act.

If Obama gets what he wants it could bring almost everything to a stand still while companies go through all the red tape trying to get permits. EPA currently issues permits to 15,000 businesses under the Clean Air Act. If carbon dioxide were declared a dangerous pollutant and regulated under the Clean Art Act, more than 1.2 million new permits would have to be issued. Among those needing permits to stay in business are:

1 million mid- to large-sized buildings, including 10 percent of all churches, 20 percent of all food service businesses, half of the buildings in the lodging industry, and 92,000 health care facilities.
200,000 manufacturing operations.

Farms would be considered a stationary source of greenhouse gas emissions just like power plants. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports the following agriculture operations would be required to secure permits:

Dairy facilities with more than 25 cows

Beef operations with more than 50 cattle

Swine operations with more than 200 hogs

Farms with more than 500 acres of corn

Maybe if Obama thinks about it hard enough he could come up with a way to make even more money by forcing the people to buy breathing permits.

Its been awhile since being in school but I could of swore we were taught CO2 is a good thing.  Trees take in CO2 which in turn releases oxygen into the air. Without it we would die.  They blame CO2 on “global warming” when its actually the sunspots that cause it. The earth and sun has gone through cycles long before man came aboard and nothing man can do will stop it.


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