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Obama To Clear Himself er uh Release Report

Posted in Uncategorized by roving on December 21, 2008

Obama is set to release his “internal investigation” this week That has to do with his staff and Governor Blagojevich regarding  if anything unappropriated went on.

I’m on pins and needles just waiting. What could the report reveal? Could this be the downfall of Obama we all have been hoping for?

The whole idea of Obama investigating himself or his staff is a joke. The only ones who will take it seriously are the media and the Obamabots. The  thing Obama is good at is covering up the truth and that is what he was doing. I’m not holding my breath for Fitzgerald to do much against Obama because if he was serious he would had taken Obama down last year or before. He would also find the leak in his department and prosecute them.


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