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Obama Practicing Stealth Politics

Posted in politics by roving on December 8, 2008

Am I the only one who is getting a little suspicious about why Obama is backing off on some of his promises he has made throughout his campaign? Also some of the people he is picking are more center then left. This from a man who thinks  it should  be a crime if you defended yourself if an intruder  broke into your house or thinks live birth abortions are just fine and dandy. Just about everything Obama believes in is from way out in left field. He has been the most liberal senator we ever had.

Yes, Obama has picked some questionable people to be in his administration. He probably couldn’t help himself and he does have to please his supporters plus he needed to pay back those that helped him win.

So whats up? Did Obama all of a sudden move to the center? I find it hard to believe.  I never denied Obama wasn’t a smart man. He is probably one of the greatest speech readers we had in a long time even though I mute the sound when he says anything. (What is it with the way he pronounces his S anyway?) Obama knows what he wants and he will stop at nothing to get it. He has lied numerous times and numerous times the media ignores it.

Obama is playing a game. He his trying to throw us all off of track. Its what Trevor Loudon calls stealth politics Obama hasn’t changed at all. He is trying to reassure the people in the middle and the right he isn’t at all who they think he is. I seen how dirty Obama can play here in IL The way he got elected was very dirty politics.

I used to know someone just like Obama who could convince you the sky was green so Obama doesn’t fool me one bit. Obama cares about Obama and no one else. He is in it for the power. He is a wolf  in sheep’s clothing and when the people just start to feel relaxed thinking he just might not be as bad as they think he was going to be, he will make his move. It may start out subtle but in the end Obama will get what he has wanted all along. A socialist country.


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