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Yet ANOTHER Lawsuit Filed Against Obama

Posted in politics by roving on December 7, 2008

Red County is reporting another lawsuit.

How long can Obama ignore this? Every day there is another lawsuit filed. This latest one is filed in CA by 7 plaintiffs. They include 4 electors, vice presidential candidate for Ron Paul, and two registered voters.

Obama to date has spent over $800,00 fighting the release of his birth certificate. It would cost $12 for him to just get a copy and  release it. It would also take just one reporter, just one to point blank ask him why he refuses to release it and instead opts to spend 100,00’s of thousands of dollars to prevent the release of it.

If Obama was white, this would no longer be a issue. The media would have long ago demanded to see the birth certificate. There I said it. However, its THEY that are being racists.

What would it take since the media refuses to vet Obama and   the judges all act like cowards? A class action suit involving millions of Americans? Where do I sign up?


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