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My Idea To Bail Out The Big Three

Posted in politics by roving on December 6, 2008

So far all the money congress has spent has made no difference at all. I still say instead of giving all that money to the banks they should have given it to the American taxpayers. We are the ones who will jump start the economy.

Congress still has a chance to do the right thing since its our money they are throwing out there to everyone BUT the American tax payer. What is it with congress always thinking of us last? All we get are crumbs. The last stimulus checks were a joke. It was nowhere near enough to do squat.

Now the big three have their hands out. If congress wants to really bail out the big three, here is what they should do: Buy every American taxpayer a new car.

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  1. gayle said, on December 7, 2008 at 4:39 am

    Well if they would pay a years ins on the cars that would bail out the ins companies too. Sound thinking

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