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Media Thinks We Are Idiots

Posted in politics by roving on December 5, 2008

All of them. Every single one. Guilty for the biggest cover-up in history. I don’t know of any other time there has ever been such a collusion of all the media refusing to report the facts.

There is no way Obama would have been elected if the media did the job they are supposed to be doing. Every day the media carries on like there isn’t millions of people all over the web talking about Obama not being qualified to be president. There is proof all over the web and the media even ignores that.

When the media does run a blurb of the lawsuits, none have even reported the truth in that. Instead they make fun of it and report falsehoods.

Rush, Hannity and the other conservative talk radio hosts are just as guilty Obama won the election. They also refuse to discuss it. Screeners of  these shows refuse to let any caller who wants to discuss Obama’s duel citizenship or not being natural born. I don’t know why they refuse to talk about this. Maybe they are scared of something.

There is only one place out there that will report the truth. The talk radio shows on the web and the way the media has been covering up the news, web radio shows could end up being the MSM. (they do need a little work on a little more professionalism)

If or when it does come out Obama has never been qualified I wonder how the media will react. They can take no credit. Just as the Democrats can never take credit for winning the war in Iraq. Ordinary citizens who have taken this head on will be the ones who get 100% of the credit.


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