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Posted in Uncategorized by roving on November 30, 2008


A year ago the beautification people were going to all the houses on my street asking if they could plant flowers and such in our yards to get ready for the Lincoln Douglas debate anniversary. My house is on a main drag that comes off a highway so they wanted all the houses on my street to look good.

I said I didn’t want any flowers because that means I would have to take care of them and I’m not so good with flowers. My neighbor could vouch for that if they knew it was me who mowed over their rose bush thinking it was weeds.

They offered to plant a tree. I had a choice. I could donate or not for the tree. I figured since the committee receives quite a bit of my tax dollars why should I donate. I declined to donate.

I come home one night and see the tree they planted. More like a twig.   I noticed other people had a lot better looking trees planted in their yard. I bet they donated. I didn’t so I was punished.

There were instructions on my door telling me when and how much to water this so called tree.  I figured I better do as they say because I have seen them out and about with a yellow legal pad looking at houses and jotting things down.

I was faithful in my watering. Did the best I could. It has been 1 year now and it looks just like it did the day they planted this stupid thing. The tree is embarrassing me.The picture was taken when I got the tree but it still looks about the same. Sad looking really.


This committee also goes around town and puts signs in peoples yards that in their opinion look nice.

This person has a couple dogs. This person walks these dogs by my house. This person lets her dogs “use” my yard. I have never actually caught her but she is the only one I seen walking dogs. She probably got the sign because her yard is poop free. So she gets a sign, I get a twig pretending to be a tree and dog poop on my shoe when mowing. Thanks. Thanks a lot.


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  1. gayle said, on November 30, 2008 at 5:10 am

    You should have given them a couple of bucks. I am surprised they havent taken the tree away from you on grounds of failure to thrive.
    Be glad they didnt put up a sign that said rovingpatrol…clean this yard up
    Poor little tree It wont grow because it isnt loved

  2. rovingpatrol said, on November 30, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Love is a two way street. The tree is out there mocking me.

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