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Blog Comments About Obama’s Birth Certificate

Posted in politics by roving on November 25, 2008

Visiting blogs having to do with Obam’s birth certificate and reading the comment sections, I noticed a common theme from the Obama supporters.  Here are some examples of what I came across.


*You all really need to give this up. The election is over.

* Another chance for the desperate to show their stupidity. As if they needed another one.

* Your all nothing but a bunch of right wing racists

* This whole story shows you how desperate the Republic Party and neoconservatives are in this election.

* maybe you’re just a fucking crybaby.

* People like this just kill me. So Obama, who hasn’t had a chance to do much yet, is so evil that we must find a way to get rid of him. But we just don’t care about anything Bush has done?

* Anon, you are certainly entitled to your sick fucking dreams. But, for Christ’s sake, will you people please get over your deranged and racist asshattery?

* tinfoil hat a little tight?

* I’ve never seen such whining. Delusional wingers in defeat are f***ing hilarious. And the best part is, we get to enjoy your frothing for at least the next four years! Good times, good times.

* Why don’t you ladies get back to the looney bin before you are missed? Sorry to inform you, but you are stuck with the black guy. Losers. Oh and here’s a piece of advise don’t quote Internet rumors

* You right wingers appear to be simply insane. That’s the only thing that could explain it. You lost. Deal with it.

* You wingnuts are funny. I can’t wait until Jan. 20th to see your heads explode when Obama is sworn in.

* Yaaaaaaaaaawn.

* He’s already been voted president by the people of the USA, and it was a landslide, too late to complain

* Haha, you guys are so lame. Really, get a life. Don’t be sore losers suck it up he’s president. He was a elected by a landslide majority so even if he was born in Kenya (which he was not) who cares, he won get over it. This is one of the saddest attempts I have seen at trying to screw things up, and like all of the other attempts it is pathetic. Really just accept this and leave every one alone.

* Wow, guys … step … back … from … the … kool-aid.

* You are beating a dead horse — give it up and move on. Like it or not, he is the president-elect and our country has much bigger issues than this to deal with in the coming year.

* I like fruitcakes at Christmas, the rest of the year- yuck!


* Ever notice how wingnuts use language like “i fear for my country…”, etc.

* All these right wing wack jobs are absolutely funny. Face it, the best man for the job won the election OBAMA. Now, do the patriotic thing and support YOUR president and start being more constructive with your time. The republican neocon theology has destroyed much of what we as a nation once had. The only way to get back on track is if we all pull together for the sake of our future. If you can’t do that, then get out of the way of people who can.




What I see are Obama supporters trying as hard as they can to make those that question the reason Obama has 3 teams of lawyers and is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting the release of his BC in making us think thats normal. Sorry, it isnt working.

Not ONE will explain why Obama is fighting the release of his birth certificate. Instead they resort to name calling.

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  1. Gayle said, on November 27, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    My heavens! You have dug up hundreds of them just like you know who. That is scary

  2. Anonymous said, on January 1, 2009 at 10:45 am

    If Obama is a US Born Citizen, why hasn’t he shown his real birth certificate…he should not be allowed to take the Oath of Office if he has not produced his BC.and not the one from Hawaii that states REV.11/01.

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