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Petition: Obama Show You’re Eligible

Posted in politics by roving on November 23, 2008

The petition at WND was just put up and already has thousands of signatures. Go sign it if you want to prevent  our constitution from being played.

This shouldn’t and wouldn’t have to be if Obama would just release his birth certificate. Obama himself used the courts throughout his career to try and force others to bend to his will. Yet when it comes to himself, he thinks he is above it all.

I have my doubts he was actually born here. Every day more and more facts are revealed pointing towards his birth place being in Kenya. Its basically considered a joke because the people in Kenya know he was born there

The radio station WIRF radio out of Detroit called the Kenyan Ambassador who said  “that a monument will be erected at Obama’s birthplace in Kenya, which is already a site of pilgramage: “His birthplace is already an attraction…it’s already well known.” Listen here

Obama’s own grandmother says he was born in Kenya. Is everyone lying? If so, why would they?

If by chance, Obama was born in Hawaii and again I have my doubts, he definitely has a duel citizenship. Possibly multiple citizenship’s. He himself has admitted as much and everyone knows if you have duel citizenship, you cannot be president.

Why the media isn’t reporting on all this is very wrong.  They are aiding and abetting Obama if he is breaking the law by participating on the cover-up. The media and the Secretaries of state throughout the country have utterly failed in properly vetting Obama.

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