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Giving To Charities: Let Obama Help Them?

Posted in politics by roving on November 16, 2008

It used to be we would get a list of charities and we could pick which ones to give to. I always picked the local suicide help line. They stopped that after a few years and we only had one choice. United Way so I just went with them.

For years I had a portion of my paycheck automatically deducted that went to United Way. That is until after 9/11 and it was reported how much the people at the top received for pay. It angered me to think a large chunk of my money was going to pay for large salaries so I discontinued my contributions.

Now that Obama was elected, I’m looking at charities differently. I noticed the bell ringers are out already and at times I would stick a few dollars in their bucket. By the way, I don’t know about other places but around here they no longer dress up as Santa.


I really hate how this nation has gone overboard on its political correctness just to please a few.

It seems every few weekends there is someone standing outside the doors of a store asking for donations. Now when I see them I wonder to myself, did they vote Obama? How much of the money I  give would go to a Obama supporter? I have never thought of it that way before.

Obama has drilled hope and change into his supporters heads making them believe Obama is going to take care of all their needs. (through others of course) Obama barely ever gave a anything to the needy himself. He prefers we do it.

I cant seem to bring myself to drop a few dollars into the bell ringers bucket. Every time I see someone outside a store asking for donations, I always think to myself, let Obama help them.  You wanted him, by God your going to pay for it.  I know the salvation army most likely didnt vote Obama but the money or service may go to a Obama supporter.

The woman talking to the reporter saying she now doesn’t have to worry about her mortgage or heat because Obama was elected stuck with me. Its unbelievable how uninformed and naive voters can be. There are probably millions who think the same thing.

So far the ONLY ones I have given money to with no second thoughts are the vets that stand out there selling the poppies.

If you look at Obama’s past and the people who lived in his district, the way he never showed for his own grandmothers memorial, his aunt, his brother in Kenya. You would know Obama didn’t give a damn about them. The way his wife’s hospital treated the black uninsured, her closing down a factory, she doesn’t give a damn either.

Now I have the mentality of you wanted him, well now suffer the consequences. I know it isn’t right but so far I cant help myself. So for now anyway, the only ones who will get my money are the veterans.

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